#15 remove the resolvers used in the build env. See #16948, but for CentOS 7
Opened 2 years ago by rpardini. Modified 2 years ago
centos/ rpardini/kickstarts centos7-cloud-image-resolver-removal  into  master

@@ -93,6 +93,9 @@ 




+ # Remove build-time resolvers; see #16948

+ echo > /etc/resolv.conf


  # For cloud images, 'eth0' _is_ the predictable device name, since

  # we don't want to be tied to specific virtual (!) hardware

  rm -f /etc/udev/rules.d/70*

Exactly like https://git.centos.org/centos/kickstarts/pull-request/12 but for CentOS 7's cloud image.
I realize this is very, very late in the game for CentOS 7, but some folks are just now considering getting off 7 and into 8 Stream; moving infra first to cloud-images still running on CentOS 7 makes sense for a more streamlined migration experience.