#28 set correct branch re
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file modified

@@ -101,6 +101,7 @@ 

          # For MD5 we want to use the old format of source files, the BSD format

          # should only be used when configured for SHA512

          self.source_entry_type = 'bsd' if self.lookasidehash != 'md5' else 'old'

+         self.branchre = 'c\d{1,}(s)?(tream)?|master'



      def distgitdir(self):

fixes #21

Sets branchre to 'c\d{1}s|master$' to match c*s braches - let me know if we need to cover more patterns

Verification: running centpkg clone -B binutils should result in creating a binutils/c9s folder.

rebased onto 6bb6dfb

5 months ago

I verified this works, LGTM.

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