#49 centpkg fork errors with "Could not execute do_distgit_fork: name 'header' is not defined"
Closed 2 years ago by carlwgeorge. Opened 2 years ago by obudai.

I tried to setup my development environment using centpkg for osbuild-composer. I ran:

centpkg clone -a rpms/osbuild-composer
centpkg fork

but the second command returned exit code 1 and the following message:

Could not execute do_distgit_fork: name 'header' is not defined

Interestingly enough, it created the fork. Running centpkg fork for the second time succeeds with this message:

Repo 'https://gitlab.com/ondrejbudai/centos_rpms_osbuild-composer' already exists.
Adding as remote 'ondrejbudai'.

Looks like an typo issue, it should be using "headers" instead of "header": https://git.centos.org/centos/centpkg/blob/develop/f/src/centpkg/utils.py#_70

The fork is created because the post request occurs before the delere request.

I was hoping to release this as part of a new version of centpkg, but we haven't merged any other changes recently. I went ahead and applied the patch to the existing version of centpkg in the Fedora and EPEL packages as centpkg-0.6.6-3. Updates have been submitted and should be available in the testing repos shortly.

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2 years ago

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