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Centpkg is a wrapper for rpkg which interacts with RPM git repositories like the ones hosted at http://git.centos.org. Rpkg also provides some convenience methods/commands for local builds via mock or rpmbuild, for interacting with koji, and for generating patches.

Centpkg is in pre-alpha state, as of now this is a proof of concept.

For now only a very small subset of rpkg commands are enabled.


Centpkg currently requires the EPEL repository for pyrpkg and other dependencies.

root# <Install and configure EPEL-Release>
root# yum install pyrpkg
root# git clone https://bitbucket.org/bstinsonmhk/centpkg.git
root# cd centpkg
root# python setup.py install

Currently Somewhat-working Commands


$ centpkg clone --anonymous -b c7 a2ps        # clones the CentOS 7 branch of the a2ps package


$ cd a2ps                                     # Change to the directory we just cloned
$ centpkg sources                             # Downloads the binary sources from lookaside and checks hashes

Commands Currently in Development


WARNING: this will download all repositories from git.centos.org

# Downloads all source repos and switches to the CentOS 7 Branch. 
# If --sources is specified get the sources too. 
$ centpkg firehose --anonymous -b c7 [--sources]


Unless otherwise specified, all files are licensed under GPLv2+. See COPYING for more license information