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  You can learn more about our SIG process in the wiki at wiki.centos.org/SIGGuide


  #Where do I find out more?

- See also [the detailed CentOS Stream FAQ](https://wiki.centos.org/FAQ/CentOS8).

+ See also [the detailed CentOS Stream FAQ](https://www.centos.org/stream/faq/).


  Follow us on your preferred social platform: Twitter ([@CentOSProject](http://twitter.com/centosproject)); [Facebook](https://facebook.com/groups/centosproject); [LinkedIn](https://linkedin.com/groups/22405); [Reddit](https://reddit.com/r/CentOS) - for announcements and updates.


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Can you give some more color as to why you're -1'ing this? Thanks.

content of this nature should land in the wiki.centos.org site - all distro content goes there, project content goes to website.

if there is some backing concern around who can and cant edit these, there is a fair level access control model on the wiki that can be used to enforce that.

To expand on KB's comment a bit, I have some context as the person who managed the requirements for the current site information architecture (with input from key Red Hat folks prior to the Jan 2014 new relationship announcement that brought the new site details with it):

The content on www.centos.org (main project site) is intended to be immutable, or relatively so. Things published on this site are intended to be static for long periods of time -- six or more months. The exception is the rotating sponsor banner and the news. This is one of the reasons the main project site is generated statically with a relatively high barrier of entry to edit it -- it's not intended to be edited frequently. The news is the exception that requires hand editing because a better technical solution was never implemented.

The content on wiki.centos.org (project wiki) is intended to be the changeable, mutable content that goes along with rebuilding and releasing an entire Linux distro. From the release notes to individual how-to pages, the wiki has for a very long time been the place to go for "distro content", that is, content that can change and be managed widely by a community related to the CentOS Linux distribution. The wiki is very easy to edit, especially compared to the www pages, and the ACLs can be tightly controlled. This is one of the reasons AIUI the project chose and configured MoinMoin, the access controls are more fine-grained than MediaWiki, IIRC.

So in this model what you want is:

www.centos.org/stream -- what stream is and any how/where/why/who details that are relatively static.

wiki.centos.org -- where a frequently edited FAQ is hosted.

If you look at both sites with this in mind, you should see that the www site is essentially static and immutable, while the wiki is the opposite.

What the program team e.g. @bcotton can do is follow the self-introduction procedure on this wiki page to request the FAQ space, edit privileges for that space, and the ability to add other users to the tight ACLs for that space.


There should also be a link to the CentOS Stream FAQ here, yeah? https://wiki.centos.org/FAQ

To be clear, I agree with the idea of separting CentOS Stream FAQ content from CentOS Linux 8 FAQ content, but both of those FAQs should be on the wiki. Does that make sense?

Putting it on the wiki works for me. I'll start the self-intro process.

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