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CentOS Stream 9 is the next major release of the CentOS Stream distribution. CentOS Stream is developed in collaboration with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) engineering team, and with you, the CentOS community.

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Contributions to CentOS Stream are being accepted now. Proposed contributions are evaluated by the RHEL engineering team, since a contribution to CentOS Stream is a contribution to RHEL.

See the CentOS Stream Contributor's Guide for details on how this process works, and to make your first contribution.

Notable community contributions so far:

  • Neal Gompa updated PipeWire to 0.3.32 and enabled JACK (BZ#1956854)
  • Davide Cavalca added default configs to enable systemd-oomd and make it usable out of the box (BZ#1962255)
  • Neal Gompa added Wayland support for the GNOME Classic session (BZ#2015914)
  • Andrew Lukoshko added product config for AlmaLinux (BZ#2004653)