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title: CentOS Stream 9
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**CentOS Stream 9** is the next major release of the CentOS Stream distribution. CentOS Stream is developed in collaboration with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) engineering team, and with you, the CentOS community.

[Get it now]( 💿

[Read the announce blog post]( 📰

[What is CentOS Stream?]( 🎥

[How contributions to CentOS Stream work]( 🎥


### Timeline

* Initial [announcement]( 2020-12-08
* [Sources]( available: 2021-02-19
* [Build system]( available: 2021-04-26 ([announcement](
* [Compose infrastructure]( available: 2021-04-29 ([announcement](
* First community contribution: 2021-04-20 ([submitted](, 2021-05-05 ([merged](
* Manually-signed composes available: 2021-08-12
* Available in [SIG build system]( 2021-09-03 ([announcement](
* [Containers]( available: 2021-09-18
* Automated signing for composes: 2021-09-15
* Available on [mirrors]( 2021-09-30 ([announcement](
* Available in CI infrastructure: 2021-10-20 ([announcement](
* Expected EOL: End of RHEL9 "[full support](" phase (Estimated 2027)

### Contribute

Contributions to CentOS Stream are being accepted now. Proposed contributions are evaluated by the RHEL engineering team, since a contribution to CentOS Stream is a contribution to RHEL.

See the [CentOS Stream Contributor's Guide]( for details on how this process works, and to make your first contribution.

Notable community contributions so far:

* Neal Gompa updated PipeWire to 0.3.32 and enabled JACK ([BZ#1956854](
* Davide Cavalca added default configs to enable systemd-oomd and make it usable out of the box ([BZ#1962255](
* Neal Gompa added Wayland support for the GNOME Classic session ([BZ#2015914](
* Andrew Lukoshko added product config for AlmaLinux ([BZ#2004653](