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Per https://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/CentosPackager, centos-packager is currently distributed from the arrfab/fasjson-client copr. Could we get it packaged in Fedora proper (and EPEL) ? It would make it a lot easier to discover and to use. I'm a packager and could submit this myself if needed, but figured I'd ask here first in case you already had plans. Thanks!

@dcavalca yes that's a good idea ! I'm not myself "proven packager" for fedora/epel (always build pkgs through cbs.centos.org for infra :) ) and never took time to start the process before kicking the centos auth migration.
We can revisit that together and +1 for the idea of having it directly available there : as you saw it's just a wrapper around fasjson-client now , itself already in Fedora/EPEL

Awesome, I've put up #8 to tidy up the specfile for this.

#8 was merged (thanks !) so can be submitted probably to fedora/epel and then we can modify wiki page with new instructions for repo to use

Review has been approved, put up https://git.centos.org/centos/centos-packager/pull-request/9 with the fixes that came out of that.

I think we just need to update https://wiki.centos.org/action/login/Authentication and this can then be closed (I'd do it myself, but I don't have edit access to that page).

yep, verified and pkg is available and just modified the wiki page to reflect this.
Let me close this ticket.
Thanks a lot for your help to have pkg available in fedora/epel !

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