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CentOS CI - On-boarding

Note to users:

Please note that Infra space is for Fedora and CentOS related projects to consume. Decision may take some time (often up to 2 weeks) as these are decided by the whole team. Once decided as go, we will create you a namespace in a openshift cluster where you can configure your CI. We do provide a Jenkins template in case you want to be able to consume vms/baremetal nodes to perform your CI.

Please answer the following questions so that we understand your requirement.

  • How does your project relates to Fedora/CentOS?
  • Describe your work flow and if you need any special permissions (other than admin access to namespace), please tell us and provide a reason for them.
  • Do you need bare-metal/vms checkout capability? (we prefer your workflow containerized)
  • Resources required
  • PVs:
 - user1@ACO_registered_email_address
 - user2@ACO_registered_email_address


  1. Create an entry in duffy db (with ssh key) - follow adding-duffy-api-key.md
  2. Create an OpenShift namespace/project (done with ansible)
  3. Create a PV(Persistent Volume) and deploy Jenkins instance (done with ansible)

Create an entry in duffy db (with ssh key) - follow adding-duffy-api-key.md

Create an OpenShift namespace


we don't use the previous specific git repo for projects, as it's now all using the ocp-admin ansible role, see below

To create the openshift namespace/project, just add edit the inventory/host_vars/<ocp_controller_node> and add the new project to the existin ocp_projects_list ansible list.


# Declaring projects that will be created in ocp.ci
  - name: ci-infra-test
      - ci-user1@centos.org
      - ci-user2@centos.org

Once done, don't forget to commit/push and you can then apply remotely from central CI ansible node the role directly with a specific tag.

 <user>  ~  ansible  CentOS_CI  ./filestore/remote_ansible_call                                        
[+] 20220325-15:10 ansible-ara-run -> == Ansible Ara manual trigger ==
Which ansible role you want to play ? (like haproxy, without -role) => ocp-admin-node
List of possible tags for role ocp-admin-node : 
 =>       TASK TAGS: [backup, certs, config, localstorage, projects, tls]
Do you want to call specific tag[s] and which one[s] ? (can be empty) => projects
Host/Group limits ? (default to whole group) => 
[+] 20220325-15:11 ansible-ara-run -> Updating first inventory/pkistore/filestore
[+] 20220325-15:11 ansible-ara-run -> Checking role [ocp-admin-node] is present and up2date ...
[+] 20220325-15:11 ansible-ara-run -> Calling now ansible with ara reporting ...
[+] 20220325-15:11 ansible-ara-run -> ansible-playbook playbooks/role-ocp-admin-node.yml  --tags projects -e ara_playbook_name=role-ocp-admin-node

PLAY [hostgroup-role-ocp-admin-node] *****************************************************************************

TASK [ocp-admin-node : Rendering template for projects] **********************************************************
Friday 25 March 2022  15:11:08 +0000 (0:00:00.445)       0:00:00.445 ********** 
ok: [ocp-admin.ci.centos.org] => (item=ci-infra-test)
ok: [ocp-admin.ci.centos.org] => (item=samba)
ok: [ocp-admin.ci.centos.org] => (item=hyperscale)
ok: [ocp-admin.ci.centos.org] => (item=networkmanager)
ok: [ocp-admin.ci.centos.org] => (item=gluster)
ok: [ocp-admin.ci.centos.org] => (item=pagure)
ok: [ocp-admin.ci.centos.org] => (item=sp-augur)

TASK [ocp-admin-node : Creating/modifying project if needed] *****************************************************
Friday 25 March 2022  15:11:11 +0000 (0:00:02.892)       0:00:03.337 ********** 
skipping: [ocp-admin.ci.centos.org] => (item=ci-infra-test) 
skipping: [ocp-admin.ci.centos.org] => (item=samba) 
skipping: [ocp-admin.ci.centos.org] => (item=hyperscale) 
skipping: [ocp-admin.ci.centos.org] => (item=networkmanager) 
skipping: [ocp-admin.ci.centos.org] => (item=gluster) 
skipping: [ocp-admin.ci.centos.org] => (item=pagure) 
skipping: [ocp-admin.ci.centos.org] => (item=sp-augur) 

TASK [ocp-admin-node : Deleting project[s] if needed] ************************************************************
Friday 25 March 2022  15:11:12 +0000 (0:00:00.597)       0:00:03.935 ********** 
ok: [ocp-admin.ci.centos.org] => (item=fedora-coreos)
ok: [ocp-admin.ci.centos.org] => (item=coreos-ci)

PLAY RECAP *******************************************************************************************************
n4-136.cloud.ci.centos.org : ok=0    changed=0    unreachable=0    failed=0    skipped=3    rescued=0    ignored=0   
ocp-admin.ci.centos.org    : ok=2    changed=0    unreachable=0    failed=0    skipped=1    rescued=0    ignored=0   

Friday 25 March 2022  15:11:13 +0000 (0:00:01.320)       0:00:05.255 ********** 
ocp-admin-node : Rendering template for projects  --------------------------------------------------------- 2.89s
ocp-admin-node : Deleting project[s] if needed ------------------------------------------------------------ 1.32s
ocp-admin-node : Creating/modifying project if needed ----------------------------------------------------- 0.60s
Playbook run took 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 5 seconds


If you need to also modify members and/or email addresses, you can just follow the same process and replay the same playbook : that will reflect changes in openshift. If you need access to that private git repository (to be fixed and moved elsewhere in the official centos namespace, reach out to another infra team member


If you have to instead delete/remove a project, you can just add the project name in the ocp_projects_to_delete_list ansible list and it will be deleted/removed on next ansible run

Deploy a PV (Persistent Volume) and Jenkins instance


In case you just need to create a PV outside of jenkins, follow Persistent storage via NFS.

We have an ad-hoc ansible task (adhoc-ocp-deploy-jenkins-for-ci-tenant.yml) that will create the needed PV , create a template and apply it with the correct ssh keys and duffy api key so ensure that you followed previous steps so that you have the project keys into pkistore git repo (using project name) and also duffy api key ready (as script will ask you for it):

ansible-playbook-ci playbooks/adhoc-ocp-deploy-jenkins-for-ci-tenant.yml

Just answer the following questions (project has to exist first ! :

Existing project/namespace in ocp we'll deploy jenkins to/for (has to exist before !) : samba
Persistent Volume size (example 10Gi) : 10Gi
Existing Duffy API key : <duffy_api_key>

Now you just have to wait for jenkins to be up and running


We recently had an issue with the default jenkins image having outdated (and not working) openshift sync plugin so be sure that you have at least 1.0.51 running in openshift. If not, update it first, and then configmap will be synced to jenkins, for the cico-workspace pod template