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CentOS SIGs documentation

We are hosting a "mkdocs-as-a-service" instance that SIGs can use to have online documentation. It was decided to use mkdocs as it's easy to setup and it's just using MarkDown files, so easy to import/export if there is a need to migrate from (or migrate to)

The workflow goes like this :

  • SIG have existing git project, hosting mkdocs.yml and docs/*.md files (see https://www.mkdocs.org/getting-started/)
  • They create a ticket on our infra tracker asking to be added (SIG name, description and public git url - can be anywhere as long as it's public and so we can git clone it)
  • Infra team is adding this in the httpd_docs_sigs_list ansible variables (host_vars)
  • Every two minutes (by default), each enabled SIG will have its upstream git repo checked and site rendered/pushed if needed


Worth knowing that we are using a specific container with podman that has a specific theme ( Material for MkDocs ) but all SIGs can decide to stick with a default theme present in the mkdocs app

Link to Ansible role