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CentOS blog platform

We initially deployed what was supposed to be a temporary blogging platform to keep community aware of the CentOS 7 build status but it was then extended to community members and finally was renamed to blog.centos.org.

It's available at https://blog.centos.org and it's just a simple Wordpress instance, that we keep up2date when needed.

To keep it simple, we try to rely only on wordpress 'core' and just deploy some needed plugins, like :

  • openid : needed to let users log in through our authentication platform
  • classic-editor : request from Community Manager to let people edit easily drafts/posts
  • akismet : classic one that is used against spammers


As said above, to be able to write a draft (that will be reviewed and then published), one has first to login with its ACO/FAS account. The default permission though is 'subscriber' meaning that it's not sufficient to even write a draft. Once logged in, a contributor has to ask a wordpress admin (using the Community Manager) to be elevated to 'Contributor' or 'Author' (other rights like 'Editor' or 'Administrator' are really reserved for some other members)


See dedicated section about some BAU operations needed for Wordpress