#45 CentOS variant artifacts (ISOs, disk images, etc.) branding
Opened 4 months ago by ngompa. Modified 18 days ago

In the Hyperscale meeting yesterday, @dcavalca and myself talked to @rbowen about the Hyperscale SIG wanting to produce artifacts based on CentOS Stream + Hyperscale content.

As part of this, we discussed that it would make sense to have our own variant of the centos-stream-release package where we'd adjust it to add VARIANT and VARIANT_ID information to os-release(5) to more clearly identify the flavor and also handle things like additional systemd presets and such.

At yesterday's meeting, @rbowen couldn't tell us how we should approach this but suggested I ask the Board about it, so here we are. :sweat_smile:

So ... after thinking about this for a moment (sorry, I was very distracted when you asked me the first time) -- Fedora does this already, and I'm going to take that to mean that there's no objections to doing this, and y'all should just go ahead and do it. Unless someone speaks up loudly in opposition, I'm inclined to just close this.

If more SIGs want to produce (and are encouraged to) artifacts, maybe a consistent centos-stream-release-SIG(?) naming could help. Otherwise +1 from me too.

For lack of a better naming, I went with centos-stream-hyperscale-spin-release. But if someone has better naming, I'm happy to discuss it.

I feel like we arrived at an approved answer to this in a recent meeting, but it was neither minuted nor documented here. If someone has a recollection, please note it here. Otherwise I'll bring it up at tomorrow's board meeting.

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