#32 Consolidate CentOS Twitter presence to @CentOS
Closed 2 years ago by rbowen. Opened 2 years ago by ngompa.

For a number of years now, there's been confusion with the CentOS Project's social media presence. The @CentOS Twitter handle appears to be run by @kbsingh while there's also the @CentOSProject Twitter handle that is run by the project.

There are a few problems with this:

  • @CentOSProject is very long and makes it difficult to include the Project in conversations about CentOS in Twitter.
  • @CentOS is often used as a reference as the "official voice" when it is not.
  • It is difficult to ascertain where CentOS information should be coming from.
  • It is technically against the trademark guidelines for this situation to exist.

I would like to ask that the Board formally ask @kbsingh to rename his @CentOS Twitter handle to something like @kb_centos and allow the CentOS Project to use @CentOS. It would also probably make sense to create a dummy Twitter account to retain @CentOSProject to forward people onto @CentOS so that legacy links would still work.

This is similar to what Red Hat themselves did back in 2018 when they got the @RedHat handle and replaced @RedHatNews with it.

Friendly ping... Can we get some movement on this?

Done. @centosproject is now @centos.

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2 years ago

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