#3 Getting official CentOS images into Azure
Closed 7 months ago by jwboyer. Opened 4 years ago by jperrin.

The CentOS images in azure aren't provided by the project. The virt sig produces a kernel for use in the 3rd party azure images, which leads to message confusion. Let's sort out what needs to happen to fix this.

I'd love to also see official WSL images. Per chat with jperrin I'm noting the interest here too.

@jcpunk I would recommend starting a new thread with the WSL conversation. I suspect, having not looked too far into it in many years, the flow might actually be quite different.

for Azure, we have the ability to build an azure specific cloud image - can we target a Bring your own image flow as the first story ?

Easy answer : we have no account in Microsoft Azure so nothing we can do to build/test any cloud image there. @jperrin : is that something you can help with ?

+1 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/centos/9ncz60mpjndb should have been taken down by RH legal team

Can you state why RH legal should take this down? Each time I have brought this to anyone in RH legal, they have asked what specific legal complaint is being made, and I don't have an answer to that.

This individual is reselling an image that he claims to be a CentOS image. Isn't that enough ?
He is not SIG nor have centos approved autorisation.

Publisher Info
CentOS website
CentOS support
refers to us, but that is not us producing it.

Speaking to our lawyers, no, they don't feel that this is enough. There's no trademark violation going on. They're not claiming to be us. They are simply taking a freely available, freely licensed thing, and making it available on another platform, which our license says they can do.

If the complaint is that they are charging money for it, it's unclear to me that there's any legal reason for us to forbid them to do so. Annoying? Sure. Illegal? Not clear to me at all.

Each time I have spoken with our lawyers, they ask the same question: What specific legal complaint do we have, and what action are we requesting?

@rbowen I think it went down back what RH Legal asked the project to put on the website when we merged :


For example, you are not allowed to say you are distributing CentOS software when you are actually distributing some downstream modification of an official CentOS release (“Official” packages, builds, and releases are those that have been approved for the CentOS Project's release by the CentOS Project) 

and so also from https://www.centos.org/legal/trademarks/#unacceptable-uses :

Use of the CentOS Marks in connection with any rebuild of CentOS software, unless such rebuild is an official CentOS build, regardless of whether the CentOS software is unmodified.

So a cloud image not built and delivered through CentOS build process seems to go against these guidelines.
Now if you're saying that it's now all allowed to for example build on my laptop a custom image with other artifacts and still call it "legally" CentOS Stream (as an example) that's also all fine for me .. but then the board should also show it on website ?

As Fabian has stated, it falls into the "unacceptable use".
As board member, if that means anything I vote -1 for this use.

Ok, I'll take this explanation back to RH Legal and see if this carries any weight with them. Thanks.

then we can move this WSL issue to https://git.centos.org/centos/board/issue/13

"CentOS by Rogue Wave Software (formerly known as OpenLogic)" is fine with me as derived work, I think that Jim (and I second him on that) would like a CentOS by CentOS images to be offered.

There is a new feature in Azure called Community gallery; https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-machines/azure-compute-gallery#community
Maybe this could be an easy way to get CentOS Stream officially into Azure?

can we re-poke this conversation and see if we can get Stream images for Azure?

It's being poked internally. Some progress but nothing we can share at this time. We haven't forgotten.

Metadata Update from @spotz:
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a year ago

Accounts now exist and Images are created. More information coming at the end of this month.

Since the images are created and available in the Galleries, I think we are safe to close this ticket.

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7 months ago

That is exciting news!

I am guessing this is the relevant information needed to find the images:
public-gallery-name centosstream-7a8cb0cb-b653-4956-a3c9-e1eebd60f204
gallery-image-definition (image name) centosstream-9

and how to use it:

it should also be noted that as of now I only see V1 images.

I don't see an azure specific file in https://gitlab.com/redhat/centos-stream/release-engineering/kickstarts -- what would be the sources to these builds so I can contribute to them?

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