#27 Providing Official AMIs in Amazon CN regions.
Closed 2 months ago by spotz. Opened 2 years ago by davdunc.

The CentOS community has not had official images available in any but the standard regions for a number of years and, in the spirit of extending the availability of the official images to as many users as possible, I would like to assist by providing 2nd party support for the avialability in the AWS China (CN) Regions. There are many legal requirements to having access in China and as a member of the community and, just as KB Singh has done for so many years for those standard regions, I am willing to take a personal responsiblity as a community member for managing and maintaining the official content with full transparency and the guidance and support of the CPE in my process across these regions in Beijing and Ningxia. As a member of the AWS partner alliance team, I have access to internal resources for replication and process that are not easily acquired without additional legal action (like a local business presence in CN) and this has been discussed at length previously with the CentOS leadership, so I am not going into longer detail in this request (though I will gladly update a wiki page with as much detail as is considered necessary).

I have furthermore secured support from the AWS Chinese Marketplace team in securing the permissions necessary for in-region replication for CentOS repository mirrors and service on a public port. I would like to bring replication of the official CentOS repositories along with support in the CN regions to CentOS users in these regions and, through the use of AWS Cloudfront, to other external users as is permitted by law.

I am asking for approval and support with an official repository or section of a repository to provide the deployment code for review and updates and further action and updates so that there is continuity in the process as it grows, in order to include additional CPE members or there is progress in securing accounts that can be managed directly by the CPE for the same purpose.

@davdunc appreciate the effort here. I think its working getting a working session together to try and work through what is needed, and how we can execute here. There is an overall reboot for the images effort required as well, we can scope that into the same session.

I'll get some pieces together and reach out ( here. )

easy answer : we don't have access to a AWS account that permits us to push to such regions.
@rbowen : is there anything that you can do to help with this ? (internally that is), or @davdunc ?

Ping @davdunc - Is this something that you can help us resolve? Can you recommend who we should be talking to? Not sure where/how to proceed here.

@davdunc has offered to provide accounts and sponsor the deployment (commenting on his behalf as he's having trouble logging into git.c.o).

@davdunc has offered to perform this task as per last month's board meeting I am closing this issue. Thanks!

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