#23 Check ongoing admin for git.centos.org
Closed 2 years ago by rbowen. Opened 2 years ago by quaid.

With focus for gitforge activity moving outside of a self-hosted git repo, that doesn't necessarily mean the project no longer needs it's own self-hosted git repo.

Question 1) Do we need to continue having a self-hosted git instance? I.e., what are the various needs we have, how are they fulfilled, etc.

Question 2) Who is committed/tasked/being asked to manage this system on-going?

Basically, I'm not presuming that CPE will be able to continue supporting git.centos.org as they move their attention and resources to a new gitforge. It is pragmatic to consider this situation in light of that.

@quaid if it is of any assistance, I'm happy to host the repo in Sydney. I have the hardware and redundant networking available to make this a possibility. Feel free to reach out if there is any interest.

We will have LOTS of warning if/when CPE retires this service, and can address it if/when that happens. Closing as per board meeting on 2021-03-10

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