#21 Need access to store02 (and possibly more)
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I work for CPE@Red Hat where one of my primary responsibility is of taking care of CI Infrastructure. We consume NFS from store02 in our OpenShift cluster for CI (PVs are created from the exported volume). Recently, the only person who has the time to work on Infra outside of CI ( @arrfab ) went on a 2 weeks holiday and we noticed network hiccups, drive failures, and a few more issues that we didn't even know because of the lack of access. Network issue became a bottleneck for CI and it was an issue that we couldn't do anything about. After asking around we were told that we need the board's permission to be able to do things around in those places.

I have been working in CPE for about 2 years now and have been handling CI Infra (and some parts of Fedora Infra). I am hereby asking to be granted more access so that in future when Fabian is away from the keyboard and there is a fire, it can be dealt with appropriately and on time.

Having a single point of failure is not an ideal scenario in any situation and especially not when the majority of our hardware is out of warranty and needs constant babysitting.

Another reason is, I would like to help more with CentOS Infra because I am interested and I am sure Fabian needs more hands to help out.

Thank you :)


I see that this ticket has been opened for 13 days now and there has been no reaction or comments to it. I don't know much of the process of the CentOS board, so I do not know if this is normal or if this ticket was unnoticed.

Fabian is planning on being AFK next week and we would love to avoid being in the same situation as last time, that @siddharthvipul1 described above, if possible.

Is there anything we could help with?

Looking forward your feedback

We have noticed, and Pat is asking for a vote in the board's irc channel. We'll reply here once we have an answer.

Apologies for the late notice on this. The board has approved this action, as part of the approval for the Infra Sig.
Marking this one as approved, and resolved.

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2 years ago

@jperrin Thank you very much
and also thanks to all other board members :)

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