#20 SIG membership should be the sole responsibility of the SIG leader/chair
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It's possible I don't understand how the current system works, but, as I understand things, a SIG chair may request changes to the SIG membership, but this has to be approved by a board member, and the actual ACL changes can only be made by one or possibly two people.

I propose the following changes:

  • The SIG chair is delegated full responsibility for managing/approving their SIG's membership, and do not need to request approval from any other body or individual.

  • There is a clear and documented process for who/how that change is actually effected, and a larger number of people be authorized to actually make the change. If I correctly understand, currently only KB and Fabian can make these changes. Is this something we can delegate to a larger group? Possibly even CPE can be given authorization to manage the ACL? (Is this something that the FAS auth changes make easier?)

My recollection is that the intention of the SIG governance was to evolve to a model like you describe here. We seem to be stuck on the starter model that was defined before we had people, tools, processes, and familiarity/trust in the community to do the evolving.

So I'm +1 to moving forward with permanently delegating SIG membership details to the SIG leadership itself. I can understand that we might want to have an early incubation stage where things are monitored more closely, but I don't see that we need to control the gate in this way. It's part of the idea of giving people enough resources to be successful.

For broader context, I hope to have a number of these "let's change the SIG process" tickets over the next couple of months. This one is top of mind because of the difficulties the NFV SIG is experiencing. Yes, we definitely need different SIG processes for SIGs that are proposed/startup/active/mature/retired (which is another ticket right there).

As far as I can determine, the board has approved this request, and this workflow is currently in operation with several SIGs. Closing.

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