#2 Approval requested: Updated centos.org website
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Details are here - https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-devel/2020-April/036824.html

Summary: Alain has designed a new centos.org website, which uses Jekyll as the platform. You can see it here: https://www.stg.centos.org/

This redesign does two things for us:
1) Greatly simplifies editing and publishing workflows for the site, encouraging more frequent updates
2) Refreshes design, which we have had since the release of CentOS 7

These two things improve our ability to promote and educate about CentOS.

We request that the board +1 this update, so that we can move forward and switch over to the new site.


Thanks for opening this ticket. We did discuss this in the last Board meeting, and @alphacc is/was planning to reach out to Alain to let him know we want to resolve this approval.

I think we can use this ticket to raise any remaining questions and resolve them, then the Directors should be able to +1/ack on this ticket. We have a model where at least 3 +1 votes and no -1 votes are require to reach consensus.

Ultimately we need three Directors to give +1 to moving forward with this design change. Once we have that and enough time passed that questions can be raised and answered, then we are clear. The governance gives up to three non-weekend days for Directors to raise objections once the three +1 votes are in.

(I'll give my vote in a separate comment so it's not muddled.)


I love this new design and responsiveness; it looks great in full browser and mobile browser. It resolves some lingering things from the previous design that crept up over the years and didn't get resolved within that design.


I think this design is clean and elegant.


The download page is a big improvement !
Thanks for this amazing work !

I very much like the new design.

+1 from me. Clean, modern design. I like it.

@tru , reducing that height might reduce the visual impact of the textual message presented. That space let the text breath and present itself stronger. Note this is only in the homepage, the highest visual impact zone we have in the website. On content pages, the equivalent height on the title section is smaller to preserve space while still have space to preserve it readable.

How much would you like to reduce the height in the homepage? I can do it in a new branch for local testing and comparing.

Thanks, folks. I read this discussion as 6 +1's, and no other votes, and thus approved by the voice of the board. Thank you!

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4 years ago

FYI I have now opened a CPE ticket about this - https://projects.engineering.redhat.com/browse/CPE-754 - which for now is internal Red Hat, so some of you cannot see that - to request CPE time (specifically, Fabian's time) to make this reality.

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