#17 Board members' links need updating
Closed 6 months ago by tru. Opened a year ago by toracat.

Each member of the governing board has a link in https://www.centos.org/about/governance/ to their wiki homepage. Some of them need updating the content. One does not even have a page on the wiki. This is where users would come to if/when they want to know about the board members. "Who is this guy?" and no answer is far from ideal (hint, hint, range :) .

Thanks for the clean-up request @toracat .

I've updated my wiki page.

How about if each member Director checks and updates their own page, then comes back here to note that it's been done?


That's what I'd like to see, yes.

I believe I'm up to date :)

I've requested edit access - I've been on holiday and didn't have time until now.

Completed. I got access this week.

All pages now exist, and, with the exception of Carl Trieloff's page, appear to be up to date. Closing.

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9 months ago

Reopening due to comment on IRC. In particular, we request that @ralph provide a little more info on his page, as those newer to the community may not, in fact, know who he is.

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9 months ago

This ticket can be closed now that Ralph has stepped down.

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6 months ago

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