#14 Getting "CentOS Community Architect" a permanent ex-officio seat on the Board
Opened 3 months ago by quaid. Modified 11 days ago

Regardless of who the person is doing the community management and architect work for the CentOS community, that person should have an ex-officio role and participation in Board business. This allows for the direct involvement of a community voice in all deliberations, public and private.

Look at how this can work and be writ into the governance.

As Community Architect, I'm of course +1 to having a permanent seat for the community to have a voice, and an ear, on the Board deliberations.

Please see details at https://blog.centos.org/2020/06/minutes-for-centos-board-of-directors-for-2020-06-10/
Pending ACTION : Karsten and Rich need to coordinate and make changes to add to governance.

Revisiting: Unclear exactly what remains undone here. Is this just the step of documenting this on the website?

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11 days ago

Yes, I need to get this documented; if it's OK (since we're not measuring time to close on these issues, RIGHT?!?) I created a tracker issue that this and a few others will block until completed. When I have this item in the draft and/or draft accepted, I'll close this issue.

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