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CentOS Board - meeting minutes - 2020-04-08 CentOS Board - meeting minutes - YYYY-MM-DD Attendees Actions Decisions, resolutions, and agreements Agenda + Minutes Public minutes Attendees Jim Perrin Johnny Hughes Pat Riehecky Karsten Wade Mike McLean Ralph Angenendt Karanbir Singh Tru Actions ACTION: Adding Thomas/Patrick to things - Karsten for GDrive, IRC channel; WHO? mailing list, else ... (Carry all actions from notes below up to this section) Decisions, resolutions, and agreements Agenda + Minutes Welcome Thomas and Pat TO: One pursuit is streamlining smaller contributions inbound PR: Ready to fill in and work on what is needed next KB: Honest discussion about how the transparency is going around here and what we have to be private about Not suitable for public consumption We have the role of managing the messaging and context for interactions with Red Hat, fundamentally needs to remain private Most things can go into public More public participation KW: History of where the effort came from has a lot to do with where things are today w.r.t NDA / Privacy etc MM: all Directors are equal, aside from the special roles of Chair and Liaison CentOS Project Licensing Updated document combines all previous documents and concepts into one licensing policy Comments due 09 April Requirement for RH Virtual Summit, Karsten must close this before 15 April Make sure this is communicated wide, -announce / -devel and on website are a good enough state Position this as net positive move, to get the community to be a better state. Everything is becoming a ‘free’ licence from ‘no known one’ CentOS Stream success criteria doc This is our lever in protecting the community we care about. What deadline can we commit to? Liaison role - draft? Bex doing RH side to present to the Board I can draft before May meeting so we can discuss Open goals refresh (doc) Redesign discussions updated Logo redesign Website redesign Bylaws Need to get on this one after the open goals review Rolling (last from 2020-02-11): (Private) Trademark Guidelines review: What works & what does not. What do we want to get fixed; who wants to work on that. (Private) Advisory Council - discussion toward a proposal - discussion draft On hold while goals discussion is held, which includes a review and update of governance. We’ll figure out what model we want from that and how this idea might fit. Any other topics aka What other things do you want on our master initiatives list? Stepping-up our meeting norms Transparency initiatives Public minutes On YYYY-MM-DD the CentOS Board of Directors met …

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In support of these efforts, the Board came to the following decisions, resolutions, and agreements:


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