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Attending (quorum) Mike McLean Jim Perrin Karsten Wade Johnny Hughes Karanbir Singh

Notes Center our reply back around impact on layered products Satellite, OpenStack -- layered products devel platform Having a Stream shift to RHEL 9 beta mid-stream is needed

What does it honestly mean to have CentOS as an upstream to RHEL? Need all of Phase 1 to be a useful upstream and six months to shift to N+1.

Timing idea Phase 1 -- 5 years of feature devel One point release into Phase 1 to help layered teams 2 years of overlap Alignment

Reply “There needs to be a CentOS Stream version for every RHEL major release. This Stream version needs to be usable for layered projects for as long as RHEL is in Phase 1 of active development. Once a RHEL release goes to Phase 2, we need to give projects and the open source ecosystem six months to shift to the active development Stream.”

“A year in advance of RHEL 9 we have a Stream 9 that is public beta for RHEL. From RHEL 9 release we have 5 years of active development window. Three years into that we pick up the RHEL 10.” This means a version per RHEL that goes through Phase 1 then EOLs in the community. This means two versions of Stream. CentOS Stream Green and CentOS Stream Blue. One is always in the Phase 1, one becomes Alpha then moves past release