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# Board minutes 2014-06-04

## Agenda

* need to close to get versioning email out from board, assist from Jason
* invite for Jason to talk about ftp messaging coming from Red Hat
* basic update on where things stand, readiness. 

## Actions
* mikem needs access to for pushing altsrc content
* team needs one-time-for-first-time access to source of 24 to 36 hours in advance of release for internal-only pre-staging.
* mikem will bring this up in thu internal altsrc meeting
* Setting up internal host on possibly OSAS lab machines as pre-staging git devel server in 10.x VPN space.
* Can do a daily sync on #centos-devel when doing public prebuild dress rehearsal.

## Notes

* Packages that are from EL7 that need to go into EL6. (right?)
 * MikeM has list
 * prepupgrade-assistance, redhat-preupgrade-tool, preupgrade-*
 * These are going to be EL6 packages that only have source in and not in FTP - this means at least some EL6 source is moving to git from FTP.
 * When do we sync to RHN?