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# Board minutes 2014-03-26

## Attendees
* Mike
* KB
* Carl
* Karsten
* Fabian
* Ralphp
* Tru
* Jim
* Johnny

## Agenda
* Release naming
* Export regulations verbage

## Actions
Jim to write up list of actions / content to address export control requirements

## Notes
### Naming
* Jim: need to sell the sanity aspect in light of new sigs
* Jim: not a fan of cute names
* Karsten: names are memorable
* Mike: the names don’t have to be cute
* Ralph: don’t want the name to be too long. dates are good/practical
* Carl: need to avoid fragmentation. no names per variants
* KB: Year and month is enough. It takes days to get content on the mirrors
* Mike: let’s enumerate the different classes of sigs/variants and think about how naming should work in each case
* Mike: we want to avoid giving the appearance of EUS-type support
* Fabian: consider chef/puppet variables
* could break various puppet modules/etc
* Karsten: can we provide major/minor number where necessary without using it at top level?
* Jim/KB: vendor validation
* Jim: too drastic a change too fast could cause a user revolt
* KB: just drop the subrelease altogether. E.g. centos-6-atomic
* Karsten: need to really think about how we will present this to the community
 * folks will point out holes in plan
 * we’ll have an iterative process
* KB: let’s take the rest of this offline/email
### A wild Johnny appears!
### Export stuff
* Karsten: the laws are complex, but we need a simple policy
* Karsten: software contributions imply access to software, which may be prohibited
* Karsten: we’re not here to take a political stance
 * let’s not let folks force us into taking one
 * people should not be using us to make a political statement
* Jim: some details about Fedora’s approach
* KB: a lot of people in Iran use Centos
 * users may be deliberately trying to push the boundaries
* Carl: we don’t have to be police, just state the facts (in a nice way)
* Jim: they can always get it from
* Fabian: what / how do we communicate mirror requests
 * needs wording up
* ToDO: firewall off content from mirror-? ( the ones hosted at redhat )
* desireable to have elsewhere, but not essential 
* ToDo: add notes to rsync header, mirrorlist node to say content is not acceptable for use in some areas
 * Jim to write up list of actions / content to address export control requirements