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2014-02-26 Board Meeting!


  • Karanbir Singh
  • Jim Perrin
  • Fabian Arrotin
  • Carl Trieloff
  • Mike McLean


  • Trademark
  • SIG-focused open meeting
  • Document sent around
  • CoreOS


  • Trademark examples for FAQ.



  • Some public discussion is covering our base for us, people are schooling other people on the subject by using the guidelines.
  • We still want to put up some examples and improve the FAQ.
  • Need a process for how to reach out to people in violation of the trademark.
  • Will let people use logo for t-shirts if they are given away.


  • were getting 600gb disks in the new hs23’s ( to fill out existing chassis )
  • were also getting 600gb disks for ibm 2u storage box


  • google-hangout(?) please check kit
  • prop for
  • centos-virt
  • centos-cloud
  • another ( maybe voip sig )
  • Desktop ( jim )
  • hosting sig - not moving too far / too fast.
  • storage sig: they need something to make it worthwhile, cloud sig might deliver something, not much interest from gluster - beyond the emails to centos-devel packaging /extending stuff SIG:


  • minimal kernel
  • centos-7 derived
  • maybe into an existing SIG or bootstrap a new

What should be the SIG status be for ‘re-branding’ CentOS