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# Board Minutes 2016-07-20

## Attendees
* Karanbir Singh (chair)
* Jim Perrin
* Johnny Hughes
* Ralph Agnenendt
* Karsten Wade (sec’y)
* Mike McLean
* Tru Huynh
## Regrets:
* Fabian Arrotin
* Carl Trieloff
## Agenda & notes
* SIG proposals
* OSAS sysadmins to bring idea of curating Ansible content idea to Config Mgmt SIG
* SIG reports
* SIGs reporting frequently enough to the devel list, mostly business as usual
* SIG Guide
* Finish the guide, then go for more feedback
* JZB, Berkus, Bowen - have newer-eyes perspective

## RH Summit report back
* SIG potentials
    * Zimbra, Kollab, etc. with Docker help?
* Karsten
    * Similar conversations as the past, just different ratios

* KB
    * Far fewer explaining, justifying
    * People interested in what we are doing, seen as part of the RH equation
    * Not much new engagement, certainly in the vendor space
    * Great to meet people, but existing relationships
    * Board openness
    * What does it matter? Cf. other strongly-led communities.
    * Publishing of non-private agenda
    * Report out to community (public-allowed minutes)
    * Public meetings on video (Hangout, Bluejeans published)
    * Public meetings on IRC (agenda + open floor)

# Office hours
    * KB’s are vendor focused, not community-contributor focused
    * Desire for more documentation
    * “Why are not doing this? Why is this this way?”
    * Attracts people who won’t get on IRC/mail/forums
    * Uses direct calls as well
    * Current problem is contributor-based
    * People not getting there is more than just Linux
    * Berkus observation that there is an unactivated CentOS community at DockerCon
    * What are we doing that enables people to better understand what we’re doing, where we’re going?
* Do people care?
    * People don’t want their bosses to know they are interested
    * The small people we’re trying to reach don’t attend MeetUps
    * People not at Red Hat are not announcing stuff from the project -- 
    * A small % of the potential audience might come along, increase engagement
    * Public input meetings v. having to meet people in person …

## Paris Nov
* Have it as an interlock -- have people come talk to us, not a Dojo
* Show the SIG process

### Venues
* Zeneca & Enovance office (no strings, middle of town, 40+ people)
* Enovance booked for 9th, 10th Nov
### Agenda
* Two days of talks in the morning
* Lunch - 12:00 - 13:30
* Then special groups/focus areas within the larger room
* HPC, Web hosting, etc. -- face to face discussions
* Two sessions toward the end (after 3:30)
    * 15:30 - 16:30
    * 16:30 - 17:30
* Focus areas
    * Where are we going to be in each of these focus areas in X years?
    * Contributor discussion
    * Have people walk away knowing how to participate
    * Get other interesting people doing stuff - Cern, etc.
* Lightning sessions for an hour each day
* Increase casualness over the two-days with small group
* Having Leslie give a talk about ecosystem
* Board members also have 15 min in there
* Record everything
* 11th morning for Board meeting
### Organization
Want to announce soon
### Attendees
* Will get some of the RH eng folks using the platform
* Folks from the SIGs (Cloud, Storage, etc.)
* People interested in relationship building
* Walking away with content about what we do with CentOS Linux