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  CentOS Board - meeting minutes - 2020-05-11

CentOS Board - meeting minutes - 2020-05-11 Attendees Actions Decisions, resolutions, and agreements Agenda + Minutes Public minutes Attendees Ralph Pat Tru Thomas Karsten Mike Jim KB

Actions ACTION: All Read through the Public notes (Carry all actions from notes below up to this section) Decisions, resolutions, and agreements Agenda + Minutes Time commitment from Directors for Board business - 1 hour/week, ticket system Git.centos.org vs. pagure.io If use GitHub, talk with Freshman Gady for sec review Using our own tool is straightforward, without a deeper analysis Pagure.io would be hosted for us, moving way eventually Purpose Way for us to engage with the community Way for us to work through things Decision: git.centos.org, revisit in a few months RH membership/seats No doc yet ACTION: We recognize that there is an issue here we need to work through, and we do not identify a high risk at this time while we work through it. KB writing a statement here for the public notes. ACTION: Bring Rich Bowen to Board calls, how? Do it by the next meeting. Vision and strategy == “open goals update” for centos.org/about KB’s points about vision from here -- what do we want the Project to look like in 3 to 5 years? Heavily invested in success above the platform - RDO, etc. SIGs is where the action was, distro was nice and boring. C6 -> C8 early model Stream as the new vision has to make a usable thing. It may not be the only thing we do We need to reach out to get participation from various groups that aren’t on -devel. Open goals refresh (doc) ACTION: Need timeline commitment from Board -- be ready to close and announce next meeting What do we need to announce? The completed doc above; Announce email that includes the non-Board co-authors & why they are there; The clear, milestone-based open decision process we are going to follow to bring this thing to a conclusion. Who are the known stakeholders Invitation to step up, define as stakeholder, and do the work/bring voice for that view; good faith requirement List who are the deciders - Board only, or plus Red Hat in some way CentOS Stream success criteria doc This is our lever in protecting the community we care about. What deadline can we commit to? Liaison role draft Our progress, the status Bex doing RH side to present to the Board Role’s we’ve historically had in the Liaison bucket may be in the actual purview of an RH staffer e.g. Bex, Director, community manager e.g. Rich, or a more-clarified Liaison. Redesign discussions updated Logo redesign Website redesign -- ongoing process, Thomas to tell Alain Bylaws Need to get on this one after the open goals review Or sooner Lots of RH stakeholder work to do here Governance Adding Secretary role to existing governance Any other changes to existing? How does this roll into Bylaws? Rolling (last from 2020-02-11): Keep eye on git.centos.org usage for Board (Private) Trademark Guidelines review: What works & what does not. What do we want to get fixed; who wants to work on that. (Private) Advisory Council - discussion toward a proposal - discussion draft On hold while goals discussion is held, which includes a review and update of governance. We’ll figure out what model we want from that and how this idea might fit. Any other topics aka What other things do you want on our master initiatives list? Stepping-up our meeting norms Transparency initiatives Public minutes On YYYY-MM-DD the CentOS Board of Directors met …

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In support of these efforts, the Board came to the following decisions, resolutions, and agreements:


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