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2021-08 CentOS board meeting


Zoom link : https://zoom.us/j/99070797372

Passcode will be sent to participants and guests the day the meeting takes place.

2021-08 CentOS board meeting - Agenda


Board members

  • Pat Riehecky
  • Brian Exelbierd
  • Davide Cavalca
  • Johnny Hughes
  • Jim Perrin
  • Mike McLean
  • Rich Bowen (Chair)
  • Thomas Oulevey (Secretary)

Directors Absent

  • Josh Boyer
  • Tru Huyhn
  • Karanbir Singh


  • Neal Gompa
  • Kris Knigga
  • Jack Aboutboul
  • Lance Albertson
  • Jonathan Billings
  • Brian Stinson
  • Carl
  • Glenn Cooper
  • Peter Georg
  • Jefro Osier-Mixon

Quorum at 22:05


On going discussion



Issues to be closed (ACTION close all of them if no objection)

New issues

  • 06 Red Hat majority seat contradiction in governance

    • Required Red Hat employees to have 50 % of the seats
    • Motion to remove this requirement
    • Approved unanonymously
    • ACTION: update the website with this change
  • 45 CentOS variant artifacts (ISOs, disk images, etc.) branding

    • Draft messaging at https://hackmd.io/pPixYTZ8QmyJcjoJq_V9dA
    • Thomas: important to handle the lifecycle, changes committed to the document
    • Neal: discussed how Fedora is handling Spin
    • ACTION: Draft message and post it to centos-devel for community comment.
  • 44 Remove former Directors from various accounts and permissions

  • 27 Providing Official AMIs in Amazon CN regions.

    • Sponsored by David Duncan
    • ACTION: sync with David and infrastructure team.
  • 22 Draft all recent governance changes or ideas for Board discussion

  • 03 Getting official CentOS images into Azure

    • Take down cloud images that violate our trademark (requested to Legal team).
      • It will be tracked in a specific issue to avoid to add to this ticket.
      • Issues #56, #61, #62 track individual images
    • Add official images
    • ACTION: Move forward with the requirement / track progress
  • 01 Shift Board to be more transparent in support of becoming a contributor-focused open source project

    • Some progress has been made! (This meeting!)
    • Are there other processes that we can make more transparent? Community can raise specific items on this issue.

Issues on hold

  • 04 Definitive answer requested regarding logo design

    • Johnny: talk to the designer and is ready to resume discussion around the logo.
    • Johnny: Not a critical issue if the logo is kept relevant and reminds the existing one.
    • Neal: Current branding is problematic to decline the logo for different use-cases. He Hopes to have more assets and a more polished brand.
    • Pat: Better and free fonts would make sense for an opensource project.
    • A Proposal should be available prior to next board meeting
    • ACTION: Resume work on the branding

Community Architect updates


  • Mike : Work on CentOS branded protection masks for All Things Open and Open Source Summit
  • ACTION: No objection, Rich will follow-up

Adjourned at 22:43

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