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Board minutes, 2014-10-28


Need to talk with Matt Domsch about MirrorManager 3 features and developments. Work on bootstrapping Chinese community. KB & Karsten still need to speak with Patrick McBride about Azure solution. Board needs to help generate a list of who RH might want to hire.

Things on our mind:

Metrics & Bitergia - for example http://www.ovirt.org/stats/

Monthly builds - Q&A

Script in RDU2 that will build automatically on the 29th for Docker, cloud images, ISOs. Generic cloud, raw cloud, Docker container, Vagrant image, and ISOs Need to get these in the QA harness. Currently need to be tested by hand. ISO has all the updates smashed into base, latest versions of RPMs. No ISO for 5 & 6. Cloud images are yum updated. Docker needs to build a new image, as it would otherwise overlay. Expose tests so others can verify the images; we trust our own tests but you shouldn’t. Reduce good enough to as many automated tests as possible. Live CDs? Heavily promote the idea that ‘yum update’ should be frequent, unless you have a specific reason not to. Run a cloud image that is a snapshot in time.

State of cloud

EC2 - Thor Nolen has sorted out a few things, figured out how to get us interfacing with the right set of people inside of Amazon. We are now a proper Amazon partner. CentOS governance is recognized as legal entity by Amazon Legal. Bootstrapping AWS China with Windows & CentOS. How do we get a community in China? Need to make sure EC2 images have Chinese language included. http://gbraad.nl/ AliBaba? Existing Chinese translator of CentOS wiki - Timothy Lee CERN Want Juno on EL6. Use this as a reason to open source RDO tools so that CERN can repackage for EL7. Make this a Cloud SIG code asset. Then CERN can help with the code.


Gallery, cf. Amazon Marketplace. OpenLogic in there Condition of Gallery is that the OS is provided. Updates need an SLA from Azure back to the originator vendror. The Azure needs Open Technology Group, related to Outercurve, has Linux support on Azure. Publish images via an Azure account, can ask for the image to be public. So it’s searchable/findable. Certain accounts can have the flag to publish to Gallery. Support issues goes to a URL e.g. wiki.centos.org/Cloud/Azure. That page spells out how to get support. Need an Azure-specific mailing list. more ref: http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/virtual-machines-linux-endorsed-distributions/ and http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/virtual-machines-linux-create-upload-vhd/ Targeted for Nov monthly build.