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Board minutes: 2014-05-21


c7 : Whats needed

  • numbering
  • problem statement ( Mike .. )
  • potential solution might be to use date stamp
  • 7.XXYY-<tag>
  • xx ⇒ year 2 bits
  • yy => month ( to match RHEL dates )
  • <tag> => potentially something that other variants can use
  • but we might need a default TAG ( Final ? )
  • Would help if it the default started with an “A” so that it could be iterated after that easily
  • have a rough draft via Jason Brooks ( RH OSAS Comms person ) by 23rd / 27th
  • altsrc
  • expectations internal to RH already point to people expecting git.centos.org being source upstream
  • feedback from HiPEx Spring was that people who care / are tracking conversations, already also expect git.c.o
  • Can we can push git as primary without breaking FTP per-se?
  • secureboot
  • Clarify the position on access for Red Hat owners / hosted
  • there might be exceptions in the future ( but those would be well defined )
  • default policy would be to allow community access as needed
  • Call for a mailing list vote on CERN people position ( if we want them in, and if we want them to run the koji )
  • we might need more board meetings in the coming weeks, make sure that we set expectations with everyone.