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Board Minutes 2016-07-20


  • Karanbir Singh (chair)
  • Jim Perrin
  • Johnny Hughes
  • Ralph Agnenendt
  • Karsten Wade (sec’y)
  • Mike McLean
  • Tru Huynh


  • Fabian Arrotin
  • Carl Trieloff

Agenda & notes

  • SIG proposals
  • OSAS sysadmins to bring idea of curating Ansible content idea to Config Mgmt SIG
  • SIG reports
  • SIGs reporting frequently enough to the devel list, mostly business as usual
  • SIG Guide
  • Finish the guide, then go for more feedback
  • JZB, Berkus, Bowen - have newer-eyes perspective

RH Summit report back

SIG potentials Zimbra, Kollab, etc. with Docker help? Karsten Similar conversations as the past, just different ratios

KB Far fewer explaining, justifying People interested in what we are doing, seen as part of the RH equation Not much new engagement, certainly in the vendor space Great to meet people, but existing relationships Board openness What does it matter? Cf. other strongly-led communities. Publishing of non-private agenda Report out to community (public-allowed minutes) Public meetings on video (Hangout, Bluejeans published) Public meetings on IRC (agenda + open floor) Office hours KB’s are vendor focused, not community-contributor focused Desire for more documentation “Why are not doing this? Why is this this way?” Attracts people who won’t get on IRC/mail/forums Uses direct calls as well Current problem is contributor-based People not getting there is more than just Linux Berkus observation that there is an unactivated CentOS community at DockerCon What are we doing that enables people to better understand what we’re doing, where we’re going? Do people care? People don’t want their bosses to know they are interested The small people we’re trying to reach don’t attend MeetUps People not at Red Hat are not announcing stuff from the project -- A small % of the potential audience might come along, increase engagement Public input meetings v. having to meet people in person …

Paris Nov

Have it as an interlock -- have people come talk to us, not a Dojo Show the SIG process


Zeneca & Enovance office (no strings, middle of town, 40+ people) Enovance booked for 9th, 10th Nov


Two days of talks in the morning Lunch - 12:00 - 13:30 Then special groups/focus areas within the larger room HPC, Web hosting, etc. -- face to face discussions Two sessions toward the end (after 3:30) 15:30 - 16:30 16:30 - 17:30 Focus areas Where are we going to be in each of these focus areas in X years? Contributor discussion Have people walk away knowing how to participate Get other interesting people doing stuff - Cern, etc. Lightning sessions for an hour each day Increase casualness over the two-days with small group Having Leslie give a talk about ecosystem Board members also have 15 min in there Record everything 11th morning for Board meeting


Want to announce soon


Will get some of the RH eng folks using the platform Folks from the SIGs (Cloud, Storage, etc.) People interested in relationship building Walking away with content about what we do with CentOS Linux