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Board minutes 2016-05-18


  • Board Secretary idea
  • SIG reports
  • centosproject.org
  • SIG merit promotions
  • Any ready?
  • Process? I.e. getting FAS sponsor/admin access for SIG Chairs.


Should the Board have a Secretary who tracks minutes & does other related duties?

Duties might include: Taking minutes. Reporting minutes to the Board list. Posting minutes to wiki.centos.org, when required. Other potential duties to be proposed & assigned in the future. Perhaps incoming Secretary organizes the next 3 meetings? Rotation: 3 meetings in a row, then rotate. First volunteer: Karsten. Also willing to create first definition of the role for the Board to approve. Proposal: Should the Board have a Secretary who tracks minutes & does other related duties? Vote: Not amending governance yet. All present: Yes Jim, Carl still need to vote to finalize.


Done a first release First run of their CI is going

CfgMgmt SIG

Volunteer help having time conflict to having a meeting. Meeting time is not convenient for anyone. Need a separate IRC channel? #centos-meeting Recommendation is to go back to Julien and have him find a good-enough time using an alternative IRC channel if needed. Julien is driving but is concerned about complexity. Separate tag for each version of each tool …?

Audio SIG

One short voice meeting, distracted by 6.8 release :) Around 4 people want to contribute. One person would not mind being group lead. Karsten offering to do a road show tour to CCRMA when SIG is ready

Virt SIG

Xen part going like clockwork. oVirt is active Word of mouth is they consider move to CentOS to have been very beneficial

Cloud SIG

Clocking along fine.

Atomic SIG

Happening, going fine Vagrant box downloads ~25K?

OpTools / Infra Tools SIG

Tracking, monitoring, etc. Matthias Runge proposing


Email redirector for people with accounts on accounts.centos.org Domain could have contributor-focused content v. the end-user focus of centos.org & wiki. Process Email comes automatically from FAS. Special group to approve people? Protect from spam/abuse. Contributor agreement? Sensitive, complex area Cla_done is patched out of our FAS Karsten suggested then withdrew Can we do that with “any” SIG approval? Concern is to make sure people are real contributors It should mean something. SIG chair response can be slow in ack’ing users. Need to specify criteria before announcing …

Proposal: Should we provide this as an email alias/redirector for all contributors? Implementation plan not included here … Vote:
All present: Yes Jim, Carl still need to vote to finalize. Implementation plan forthcoming

SIG merit rises …

Do we have a process to promote SIGs? Scaffolding already in place. Need more docs about how SIGs work. Not much written down, very verbal Keeping it sane, easy, process-lite. New SIGs bring same questions each time. Expectations on SIGs vary. At what part do they sponsor own people, sign own packages. Can we have a SIG how-to, what document discussion? Karsten volunteering to pull that meeting/discussion together. Look into SIG guide https://wiki.centos.org/SIGGuide Good to use for centering of the SIG lead discussion ^^^^^ What are merit levels? 0. SIG Chair(s) exist & have membership. 1. SIG Chair(s) can sponsor members. 2. SIG Chair(s) can sign content. Maybe can delegate sponsorship? Proposal -- Board sponsor suggest SIG is ready and asks for vote. (post-minutes comment from KW: Meaning, when the Board sponsor for a SIG thinks it is ready to move up the merit levels, that Board member asks the Board to vote on the rise. Presumably others can also suggest, but the sponsor really is the champion for a SIG on the Board, as per Governance.) Vote: All present: Yes Jim, Carl still need to vote to finalize. Are any SIGs ready? Virt SIG … Current Leader may be leaving soon Cloud SIG All friends and family … Self referential … Leadership is very responsive. SCL Somewhat responsive … PaaS Very new, but might progress quickly