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Attending Red Hat Products and Technologies Stefanie Chiras Chris Wright Leslie Hawthorn Mike McGrath CentOS Board of Directors Jim Perrin KB Singh (Chair) Karsten Wade (Liaison) Johnny Hughes Mike McLean Carl Trieloff Regrets Ralph Angenendt? Tru Huynh?

Agenda / Minutes Short intro and hello around the table

Liaison sets context for call Karsten discussing the context of the call, particularly the last gap in our plans related to lifecycle. When we took 8 out of the CentOS stream name, we left it without any sort of lifecycle which is confusing people and difficult to message

Need a quick comment on transition / CentOS 8 Red Hat has been listening to the feedback and sorry for the late change in plans but Red Hat agrees that we will ship the clone and call it CentOS 8. This means we will not have to ship nor name anything called “transition”. However we don’t want to discuss lifecycle publically, we’d like the ability to give a 1 year notice before we stop building it. Third way discussion about foundations

Share and discuss proposed solutions to gap in agreement Red Hat proposed a one year overlap between major releases so there’s not an immediate significant bump to people. That overlap starts one year before RHEL9 GA, and ends at RHEL9 GA. People generally think that with the name change proposed above (Call the clone “CentOS 8”) and giving a one year overlap is a sufficient path to success.

Decision Following this meeting, the Board of Directors reached consensus in favor of the final version of the Red Hat proposal around CentOS Stream. This includes a BOD commitment to promoting Stream, as well as working regularly with the business to track progress on adoption and shift away from the rebuild.