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Agenda / Notes

Rich Bowen brings a stakeholder review as the CentOS community manager: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Ju0fDUQinILpOCCoZKPQs6MHwgpk90XZS-NJ-kpuhg0/edit#slide=id.g4ef029a052_0_11 ACTION: Why do we participate in particular events? Rich needs to know what we care about and why. ACTION: Where does the Board want Rich to go this coming year? 2018 list - FOSDEM, SuperComputering Asia (Singapore), FOSSAsia, Red hat Summit, Berlin Buzzwords, ISC Supercomputing … 2019 tentative list - ORNL; Devconf; SCALE … Dojos FOSDEM is done, happy 15 years! ORNL (April) Locally organized (Chris Leighton), promoted, etc. Devconf.IN - tentative, need space at event Devconf.US - confirmed (August 14) Lyon (October, tentative) -- with Open Source Summit Dojos overall Process & budget has been moved from prototype to repeatable process that has been used by a few people now Meetups No progress made in 2018. Four groups exist but aren’t active May not make sense of itself Maybe participate in existing Linux groups within Meetup space Social media Med to large groups at - twitter, facebook, linkedin, youtube, reddit, centos forum @centosproject - 1800 to 5500 today Sentiment analysis trends positive toward the project Blogging 31 posts in 2017 (2 to 3 pre month) 54 in 2018 12 of 104 on pace in 2019 (if can maintain) Expanded authorship Most SIG leads are producing content for the blog, such as promoting their work around releases Quality is high SIG work this year Analysis on activity, looking for inactive SIGs are beginning to issue reports, high quality content SIG meetup at CERN Proactive about contacting upstream projects not involved in SIG process. Newsletter Restarted after a decade, started in Summer 2018, issue every month since then A few volunteers for translation so far but not happened yet 2019 goals More people engaged in authoring of newsletter, especially technical content Bootstrap a lightweight ‘ambassador’ program -- send people to events that Rich cannot attend. Budget, canned messaging, to send to a regional event. Seeking non-RH involvement in SIGs. More cross-promotion within SIGs Discussion / Q&A KB - let’s message into G+ to make sure people find us from there KB - Dojos came up from desire to bootstrap local communities, but it’s hard to get it locally organized. What is the opportunity around demographics? What does CentOS do for different groups? Sysadmin communities, small infra setups -- installer optimization, spam management, etc.

What is our unified CentOS Next (8) message? Lot of internal product developer relationships being worked currently Building SIG content to use as an ambassador at events Smoothing out the Twitter spikes with more regular engagement? Where to be this year? Developers are interesting but hard to get into Automation tooling ci/cd? Rich will need a technical partner for some of these events Open discussion post Rich’s presentation He’s doing a great job, people are saying so Sysadmin v. cloud admin -- we get traffic but involvement? Rasp Pi is a good story but not promoted Could we deliver a compelling platform into the Apache Foundation? SIGs George Dunlap -- how do I justify to my manager that this is worth spending time on? Value of a SIG & community driven by a vendor Variation for e.g.s ISVs, IHVs Vs. ‘come join your users’ How is that for e.g. Facebook?