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Attending KB SIngh Mike McLean Tru Huynh Ralph Angenendt Karsten Wade Fabian Arrotin Johnny Hughes

Minutes Development work MUST be done in CentOS in the open prior to landing in RHEL, zero internal devel by Dec 2020. The “8” There MUST be a thing that is always tied to the 8 codebase, as separate from the thing that will be tied to the 9+ codebases. As long as there is an EL8 codebase, there MUST be a CentOS Stream based on that codebase - GA to EOL. These 2+ streams MUST be named differently so it’s clear what you are using. There SHALL NOT BE a single stream where people relying upon the el8-based stream are at risk of receiving an el9-based instead against their will. Clarification for “8” wall paper etc Good faith due to short time frame