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Board minutes 2014-08-14


  • Ralph
  • Carl
  • Mike
  • Johnny
  • Jim
  • KB


SIG Overview and recap

Virt SIG

  • cbs access is now available to them
  • qemu version convo
  • libivrt stable version

Cloud Instance SIG

  • AMI’s are with AWS, waiting QA signoff
  • vagrant cloud setup
  • GCE images ETA 10 - 12 days
  • docker images in prod
  • consolidated builders in RDU
  • Dir structure
  • workout with tigert
  • signed json api (?)
  • Storage SIG

  • glusterfs - test builds done
  • working on docs
  • ceph: might offload to gluster guy

Atomic SIG

  • builds automation
  • getting ready to release in a week or so
  • handover to atomic sig folks longer term
  • SME Server
  • deadending, needs action
  • Voip
  • patrick working behind the scenes, will get proposal in - already has packages to go for asterisk

Cloud Infra

  • kushan das, from EUCA came up today, unsure what he is able to do

CI SIG Conversation

naming QA SIg or CI SIG jim / ralph /carl / kb / johnny are ok with CI sIG could it mean CI for the C project or CI oriented spin SIG onboarding process Board has decided that CI is an area of attention and focus, where we can build value for upstreams and users, and we should investigate options around that area for now.


write up what a process might be ( Karsten ) workout how budgets work and how we might do allocations

face2face at Dojo Barcelona