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Board minutes 2014-04-09


  • Mike
  • Carl
  • Karsten
  • Jim
  • Fabian
  • Johnny
  • Karanbir


  • Linux Foundation Press release
  • Centos CN forum request


Carl: provide link to ASF publicity policy/rules http://apache.org/press/#releases Carl: next iteration of versioning document


Karsten brings up the Linux Foundation press release

KB: why is Stephanie involved? Karsten: why is LF involved? Karsten: Stephanie is simply a help resource we can use KB: LF is not running the virt sig, rh is not running the virt sig Carl: Press release needs to come to the board. Do we even want one? Carl: notes how Apache Foundation handles such things KB: Press release from their end vs. from our end Karsten: none of us are pr experts. it’s good to have help. Jim: just learned about this today. I want to see the release. Doesn’t matter that it’s for summit. Help from Stephanie is fine, but she is not a blocker. Carl: If the release makes any representation about the project, then they need our approval Carl: we should establish a press list and develop some expertise and rules KB: haven’t had a chance to look. only had it for five minutes KB: no need for this to block for weeks Carl: need to formalize how we handle issuing our press releases. through RH? through another company that employs one of us? Jim: can we view/crib the ASF policy? Carl: yes KB: let’s get this particular release handled in the next day for so and try to formalize the process later Chinese language forum request KB: relates previous attempt at a CN language forum no activity KB: Let’s do something more general, rather than specifically target one language folks in Japan are interested, as well as... indonesia malaysia brazil every language group gets <langcode>.centos.org and a mailing list set up a language moderators group document how this process works at least one member needs to: speak english, join moderators list KB: this particular CN request comes from someone who might be problematic may want too much autonomy Mike: wonders if we should use hyperkitty https://fedorahosted.org/hyperkitty/ demo: https://lists.stg.fedoraproject.org/archives/ KB: who is will to take ownership of delivering this? KB: not it! Perhaps someone in the community? Johnny: I can create mailing lists and stand up forums pretty easily Fabian: phpbb might not be that trivial Fabian: no centralized auth Fabian: we’ll have to retool heavily in the future Carl: should we have a vote? Statement : The board will allow the development of forums, lists, and content in other languages managed on CentOS infra and by the CentOS project open to contribution by all. The project will not delegate the running of CentOS branding infra, forums and such to 3rd parties.


  • yes: KB, Jim, Karsten,Carl, Fabian, Mike, Johnny Carl review the versioning proposal [see slide deck] -> where ? in google drive ? (attached to “Numbering” thread on board mailing list) (lots of discussion) Johnny/Fabian are concerned that if we find it confusing, then the community will find it even more so and react negatively Carl expresses willingness to spend more time to get it right


KB: Lyon is sold out Karsten: what is happening with Denver?