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12 March 2014 Board Meeting


  • Mike McLean
  • Carl Trieloff
  • Karsten Wade
  • Johnny Hughes
  • Karanbir Singh
  • Fabian Arrotin
  • Ralph Angenendt


building rockets with centos


board meeting time and daylight savings


Work with Richard to fix issues with trademark guidelines


Richard: trademark guidelines, as written, are problematic may be unenforceable need fixing how/when should we engage with the community about this? general agreement to keep this quiet until we have an acceptable draft [PRIVATE] atomic: new subscription plans

release naming

we don’t support older point releases we shouldn’t use labels like 6.4, just 6 (?) nothing decided suggestion to keep 5 and 6 the way they are and try out the new way with 7 (which isn’t yet decided either)