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# Board minutes 2016-11-11

## Attendees
* Jim Perrin
* Fabian Arrotin
* Johnny Hughes
* Mike McLean
* Ralph Angenendt
* Tru Huynh
* Karsten Wade
* Karanbir Singh

##Quorum achieved.

## Agenda & notes

### Budget
#### Do we want to have the Board manage part of the budget from OSAS/RH?
* Yes, on a year-over-year evolution of how things are managed.
* It’s RH money run on behalf of ...
#### What do we want to make public?
* Spending for community travel
* Swag & support provided out to community events directly
* Constraints on paying people back
* First year -- PayPal only, receipts require
* Budget limit per number of people, e.g. $150 for 50 people, etc.
* SIGs
    * Community SIG leads …
    * Cover up to $X of travel
    * May cover some of RH expenses …
    * Talk to management
    * Cover up to $X of travel
* What is the definition of community in this context?
    * Contributors from a vendor are still a community, but their employer should see the value of sending that person.
    * Contributors from a project sponsored/run by a foundation should be able to find a way of sending a person.
    * Contributors on own time & dime, should find a way to sponsor and support from project as much as possible.

#### Process
* Need a write-up.
* Three people with at least one Board member to oversee budget management, can do in Year One.
* Dollar amount to take to the Board for approval.
* Spending for all vendors coming in managed by the finance committee.
* Follows the same process.
* Year one - all run by Board for initial trial
* All should have a title in the project based on an existing chain of trust.
* Year two - look for people interested in helping

#### Getting outside funding
* Need a relationship with an open source program office.
* Run it on behalf of -- they spend at our direction.
* No pay to play … need to trust the community as to what we want to spend.
* Build trust in initial year …
* Community fund …
    * E.g. CPanel wants to give $10K to sponsor people to their conference.
    * Use the same process for decisions as for spending direct money.
    * Transparency of multiple supporters shows diversity.
#### Equipment budget
* Solve problems the Board identifies
    * E.g. signing for SIGs
    * Strategic and tactical 
* Oversight of the Infra Team …

* Putting an annual plan together
* Keep a 10% slush to cover all of above

#### Credit Suisse
* Sponsoring millions in EOL hardware for suitable charities and non-profits
* Sep 2017 is first set of kit coming available
* Get CentOS running on the laptops given away
* How should CentOS Project be involved?
* Can we use any of that hardware?
#### Actions
* Full process write-up.
    * Define what community means in this context.
    * Process to be public.
    * By 1 March.
* Pick the finance committee.

### Advisory capacity (Board)
* Getting advice from:
    * Representative of each Team about running the Project.
    * From a specific user / audience?
    * Who are using CentOS, maybe we can help make things better for them, then we get a voice into that community.
    * Senior enough to have influence in that group and able to represent.
* What can they do?
    * Come from existing contributors
    * Provide wider perspective
* What does it mean to be on the Advisory Board?
    * Provide advice to the executive leadership
    * Examples
        * Linux Foundation groups have an exec board, then a technical committee and community committee to advise.
* Proposal:
    * Pick two areas, e.g.:
        * VoIP
        * High Energy Physics
    * Identify four people in each area
    * Arrange a monthly communication channel with those people and an identified CentOS person, with Board members involved.
    * Ask Leslie Hawthorn to facilitate and manage the process.
    * Each Board member identifies two areas of personal interest
    * Two Board members research the areas to find people to be recommended
    * Advisory Board is not a for-life thing, some privilege to be there
    * Articulate the process publicly

### Metrics for SIGs

### Infra SIG & Fabian as Chair