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# Board minutes, 2014-10-28

## Actions
* Need to talk with Matt Domsch about MirrorManager 3 features and developments.
* Work on bootstrapping Chinese community.
* KB & Karsten still need to speak with Patrick McBride about Azure solution.
* Board needs to help generate a list of who RH might want to hire.

## Things on our mind:

### Metrics & Bitergia - for example
### Monthly builds - Q&A
* Script in RDU2 that will build automatically on the 29th for Docker, cloud images, ISOs.
* Generic cloud, raw cloud, Docker container, Vagrant image, and ISOs
 * Need to get these in the QA harness.
 * Currently need to be tested by hand.
* ISO has all the updates smashed into base, latest versions of RPMs.
 * No ISO for 5 & 6.
* Cloud images are yum updated.
* Docker needs to build a new image, as it would otherwise overlay.
* Expose tests so others can verify the images; we trust our own tests but you shouldn’t.
 * Reduce good enough to as many automated tests as possible.
* Live CDs?
* Heavily promote the idea that ‘yum update’ should be frequent, unless you have a specific reason not to. Run a cloud image that is a snapshot in time.

### State of cloud
* EC2 - Thor Nolen has sorted out a few things, figured out how to get us interfacing with the right set of people inside of Amazon. We are now a proper Amazon partner. CentOS governance is recognized as legal entity by Amazon Legal.
* Bootstrapping AWS China with Windows & CentOS. How do we get a community in China?
 * Need to make sure EC2 images have Chinese language included.
 * AliBaba?
 * Existing Chinese translator of CentOS wiki - Timothy Lee
 * Want Juno on EL6.
 * Use this as a reason to open source RDO tools so that CERN can repackage for EL7.
 * Make this a Cloud SIG code asset.
 * Then CERN can help with the code.
### Azure
* Gallery, cf. Amazon Marketplace.
* OpenLogic in there
* Condition of Gallery is that the OS is provided.
* Updates need an SLA from Azure back to the originator vendror.
* The Azure needs
 * Open Technology Group, related to Outercurve, has Linux support on Azure.
 * Publish images via an Azure account, can ask for the image to be public. So it’s searchable/findable.
 * Certain accounts can have the flag to publish to Gallery.
 * Support issues goes to a URL e.g. That page spells out how to get support. Need an Azure-specific mailing list.
 * more ref: and
 * Targeted for Nov monthly build.