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Attendees Fabian Arrotin Jim Perrin Michael McLean Tru Huynh Karsten Wade QUORUM

Actions KB to talk with Carl Karsten to write down the brief version of Board definition for “what being a member means” for all (and new members) All agree to respond to more emails coming from Karsten on various topics Agenda / notes Board membership & activity Carl membership? KB: speak with Carl about if he wants to resign New Board members? Ansi Thomas Process for adding someone What does Board membership mean? More work HIgh-level, strategic Influential High-level of trust with Board relationship to RH Mailing list activity What needs to happen on the mailing list? Where should work be tracked? (Kanboard?) IBM topics How does this affect us (hopefully not negatively)? Wait and see Should be make a blog post about it? No Karsten has a small pile of items to talk through on the mailing list All on call agree to respond to at least this groups’ emails to keep things moving. Items to be discussed via list include trademark guidelines review, governance review, GDPR update, trademark enforcement, trademark permissions