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CentOS Board Meeting Minutes 2018-04-25 Attendees Johnny Hughes Michael McLean Karsten Wade Fabian Arrotin Ralph Angenendt Jim Perrin Karanbir Singh

Agenda & Actions Rich Bowen community action plan ACTION: Rich to get presentation & to-do out to people for further discussion ACTION: Board to discuss through & provide explicit approval to Rich GDPR ACTION: Jim has this for the Board in terms of action plan & assigning technical resources to make solutions, then write up all the bits & post them on centos.org Using registered ® mark: Required for graphic marks? Written/docs? Standard is first-usage, then drop We specify ACTION: Karsten to write up changes to the wiki based on email thread Commercial distribution expectations around ™ guidelines ACTION: Karsten to invite Richard Fontana to discuss how we ACTION: Another action for this item CERN usage of “CentOS” ACTION: Karsten to write up a response to CERN about how to refer to the CentOS Linux they rebuild since they cannot technically resolve their situation. This is more about how they market it anyway. 7 release No actions Minutes / Notes Rich notes Presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Rnkm_DXQN7MnEDqZ8Jh97muuble8JA8LwRw7q18A6d0/edit Transition -- Moving now to advisory role for RDO, coming online for CentOS full time Getting formal endorsement from Board for things Rich is doing OSAS is promoting CentOS because it’s beneficial to product line FOSS is a neat idea Need to continue communicating to product side that we are not the enemy Agreement on types of events to support Moving Dojos to first priority Bangalore & Singapore Various degrees of success Singapore was a good learning experience Looking at CERN & ORNL Let’s be pro-active on Dojos Who is where See a meetup group started first to create anchor community What makes a Dojo Improve on wiki approach, be consistent with the approach Local meetup groups Few found, non particularly active Where is the activity here Messaging agreement CentOS as platform for innovation

Social media plan - there is one now Adding people to blogging/planet Enable Rich to have a working request process so he can promote/suggest folks SIGs Where the action is at Rich is attending/lurking at meetings Maybe do some write-ups about SIGs for all audiences Fedora & RHEL Message that celebrates the genealogy of Fedora & CentOS & RHEL.

Reboot newsletter Need more delegation to the community “Larger community” not feeling able to get involved because all the tasks are taken Things in core infra Can people be part of rebuilding RHEL release? What blocks on internal side?

Some tasks owned by one or two people Part of our mission is to bring on younger people Promotion around releases Release checklist to start in advance of a release What we are talking about, where we’re sending the message, who did cool stuff to celebrate, make sure press knows it’s coming, etc. … CentOS is more reactive to RHEL But there is a window where we can build that message Johnny notes: Reactive, we don’t know what’s in it until after the RHEL release source gets to us. Board meetings Folks see -- Dark cabal that controls everything Want to see meetings, agenda SIG maybe attend? Contributes to the notion that RHT runs everything when the decision process is not transparent. GDPR Paul & Jim working together to be POC for RHT on Fedora & CentOS Not all is clear with RHT yet We need to have an idea of what to do for forums, etc. Difference between contributions & personal postings Argument for using a single auth ACO(?) Usage of CentOS Entities need to either change how they refer to their rebuild or they need to not make a rebuild or they need to make the rebuild via the SIG process