6905d4 Update prepare_getOptions function.

Authored and Committed by Alain Reguera Delgado 7 years ago
    Update prepare_getOptions function.
    - Previously, the help option accepted an argument. Since
      documentation related to internal functions was moved to a reference
      manual and man pages are no longer supported for them, the help
      option prints the script or module documentation only, and no option
      argument should be used for the help option in any case (it wouldn't
      print anything). This update updates the prepare_getOptions function
      to eliminate the possibility of passing option arguments to the help
      Likewise, the first argument of tcar_printHelp function is no longer
      required. The tcar_printHelp function is working with the
      TCAR_MODULE_NAME environment variable to determine the man page that
      must be printed out.