6788af Update configuration files related to design models.

Authored and Committed by Alain Reguera Delgado 7 years ago
19 files changed. 133 lines added. 133 lines removed.
    Update configuration files related to design models.
    - Previously, configuration files pointed out information inside the
      Artworks/ directory which no longer exists inside the repository
      directory structure.  This update changes the path information set
      inside configuration files from Artworks/ directory to Models/
    - Previously, configuration files ended with a .conf file extension,
      however, this files are in a read only location and production isn't
      conceived to take place in their directories but inside the
      workplace where .conf files are linked using symbolic links. This
      update changes the extension of configuration files inside the
      repository from .conf to .conf.tpl to reflect the fact that they
      aren't there for production inside the repository but to be linked
      from workplaces where they must be used for content rendition
Models/Distribution/Anaconda/render.conf.tpl Models/Distribution/Anaconda/render.conf
file renamed
+3 -3
Models/Distribution/Bootloader/render.conf.tpl Models/Distribution/Bootloader/render.conf
file renamed
+1 -1
Models/Distribution/Firstboot/render.conf.tpl Models/Distribution/Firstboot/render.conf
file renamed
+2 -2
Models/Distribution/Gnome-splash/render.conf.tpl Models/Distribution/Gnome-splash/render.conf
file renamed
+1 -1
Models/Distribution/Kde-splash/render.conf.tpl Models/Distribution/Kde-splash/render.conf
file renamed
+4 -4
Models/Distribution/Kdm/render.conf.tpl Models/Distribution/Kdm/render.conf
file renamed
+5 -5
Models/Distribution/Rhgb/render.conf.tpl Models/Distribution/Rhgb/render.conf
file renamed
+3 -3
Models/Webenv/render.conf.tpl Models/Webenv/render.conf
file renamed
file was renamed with no change to the file