1dcea2 Rename function used to print absolute paths.

Authored and Committed by Alain Reguera Delgado 7 years ago
    Rename function used to print absolute paths.
    - Previously, the tcar_checkWorkDirSource function was used to print
      absolute paths from non-option arguments retrieved from the
      command-line. The name of this function intents to describe its
      initial purpose, however, it has a wider use inside tcar automation
      scripts. So, in order to better describe what this function does,
      this update renames the tcar_checkWorkDirSource function to
      Path cleanup is already done inside the tcar_printPath function
      which is called from tcar_printAbsolutePath.
Scripts/tcar_printAbsolutePath.sh Scripts/tcar_checkWorkDirSource.sh
file renamed
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