#4 zopflipng"ize" the new png assets
Opened 2 months ago by jcpunk. Modified 2 months ago

Can the new PNG assets be run through zopflipng? This will swap out the gzip compression for a gzip compatible stream, but in my experience it shrinks the images by about 9% with no loss in quality and no measurable increase in decoding time (since it decodes with the standard libraries).

It does trim optional metadata, which might require some tweaking...


Quick test with both pngquant and zopflipng:

5598    centos-logos/pixmaps/fedora-logo-sprite.png-pngquant-normal.png
6740    centos-logos/pixmaps/fedora-logo-sprite.png-zopflipng-more.png
6745    centos-logos/pixmaps/fedora-logo-sprite.png-zopflipng-normal.png
10262   centos-logos/pixmaps/fedora-logo-sprite.png

It seems pngquant is providing more bits of compression than zopflipng, but I need to make more tests.

Metadata Update from @areguera:
- Issue assigned to areguera

2 months ago

Neat! I was unaware of pngquant

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