#3 Refreshing CentOS websites design
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I open this issue to expose ideas about the CentOS websites and a possible redesign so they look more visually unified. Also to create a route for the community to visualize the work in progress as well as share feedback and contribution to it.

The main goals would be the following:

  • Migrate the www.centos.org theme from a regular-theme model to a gem-based-theme model. This will allow us to separate content from presentation (it would be possible to freeze the site presentation to an specific gem version number while development continues). Being the content and presentation separated it is possible to test the theme in different environments with different content and increase the feedback and contribution on it. See https://git.centos.org/centos/centos.org/pull-request/112.

  • Reuse assets (e.g., css, images, js) in different CentOS websites. For example, we change assets only in www.centos.org site and these changes will be immediately visible in other sites like lists.centos.org, blog.centos.org, people.centos.org, etc. without making any change in them. The exception would be HTML changes which still need to be propagated onto all sites. For this particular purpose, we use template files in public repositories (where anyone can send contributions to) that are applied using ansible as much as possible.

  • Strengthen the visual connection between CentOS websites visual manifestation and CentOS distribution visual manifestation. We do this by using the same logos and artistic motif in both CentOS website headers/footers and CentOS distribution wallpaper.

Visual changes related to the gem-based theme can be seen in the development environment created for this purpose:

The gem-based theme proposal development is taking place mostly at:

Best regards.

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