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(Not sure if this is the best place to file this request. Feel free to tell me to discuss somewhere else.)

I'd like to get a banner image at the top of our monthly newsletters, perhaps more simple branded "CentOS News". (Completely open to suggestions for catchier branding.) It's published on the blog, which looks like it has a 740px content width. It would be good if the image looks good when automatically picked up by social media sites when sharing the post.

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Created https://gitlab.com/CentOS/artwork/centos-promotion/newsletter to track further work related to CentOS Newsletter visual manifestation. Here, I put both svg and png files, along a Makefile to help you reproduce the images in the future. Also corrected the image size to use 740x740 pixels (don't know why my mind read 714 in first place).

Can we do it with a shorter aspect ratio? A full square will occupy the whole first fold of the blog entry. Based on some cursory googling, it looks like social media sites will be happy with something around 740x390.

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