#14 lookaside_upload_sig: fix checksum reporting
Merged 3 months ago by arrfab. Opened 3 months ago by salimma.
salimma/centos-git-common fix-upload-sig-logging  into  master

lookaside_upload_sig: fix checksum reporting
Michel Alexandre Salim • 3 months ago  
file modified
+1 -1
@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ 

  f_log "Source to upload : ${file} "

  f_log "Hash parameter : ${hash_parameter}"

  f_log "Package name: $pkgname"

- f_log "sha1sum: ${checksum}"

+ f_log "${hash_parameter}sum: ${checksum}"

  f_log " ====== Trying to upload ======="

  echo ""


Instead of calling the checksum the 'sha1sum', actually report the
hash parameter used

Signed-off-by: Michel Alexandre Salim salimma@centosproject.org

LGTM, thanks for fixing that unnoticed stderr output :)

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3 months ago